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There are a few reasons why your child might be afraid of the dentist

July 7, 2016

For many reasons, unfortunate as it may be, trips to the dentist have become one of those activities that our society has actively categorized as "terrifying." Indeed, it doesn't matter if you are young or old, many people are actively afraid of visiting the dentist. This might for moments of comedy in adulthood, but if you are a parent trying to persuade an inexplicably terrified three year old to brush his or her teeth, let alone get in the car to visit the dentists, this fear is much less comic. Indeed, all too often children are afraid of the dentist and there seem to be few ways for us to overcome that fear. One of the things that makes this particularly difficult for children lies in the fact that the dentist's office can be an unwelcoming place to children. There are a lot of reasons why the fear of the dentist may have planted itself in your child's imagination, and there are a lot of ways that finding a good kids dentist can help him or her get over those fears. That's why deciding to go to a dentist who has dedicated his or her career to children's dentistry can make a big difference for you sanity and your child's dental health! The team at Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry can work wonders in helping to make this a reality for your family. Here are a few of the reasons why children might be afraid of going to the dentist. Identifying what these things are can help you overcome them and get your child the oral health they need.

  1. The office is not welcoming: Even as adults there are places we prefer not to go because they do not feel welcoming. As a child, going to a doctor's office of any kind can feel alarming and overwhelming. When everything is taller than you are and you feel like you don't have the ability or freedom to ask for what you want, things can start to feel overwhelming. Of course children don't like the dentist when this is what they feel! When a dentist makes and effort to make their office feeling welcoming and comforting to the children who will be walking through its doors, the entire atmosphere shifts and children can start to feel able to be themselves in this space. This is a magical thing.
  2. There has been a lot of hype around the visit to the dentist: Particularly if you are anxious about your child's reaction to the dentist, you might be talking up the visit as if it is going to be something special. Putting a lot of pressure on the trip to the dentist just makes your child feel more anxious, even if your intent is to normalize the experience and help them grow accustomed to it. If you don't give them reason to be nervous, chances are they will approach the trip with an open mind.
  3. The appliances scare them: Let's face it, the dentist's office can look really scary with all those machines! You can help your child feel less anxious by choosing a dentist who understands and accommodates this fear.

The feel of a dental office significantly impacts the way a child feels there

July 7, 2016

When you are selecting the right doctors for your family, there are a lot of factors that you consider. After all, the care of your children and your family is one of the most important things, and you want to feel one hundred percent confident that they will be treated with the care and respect that you hope for. That's why deciding ahead of time what you hope the doctor will be like is an important way for you to gauge whether they will live up to your expectations. One of the most important indicators that you will feel confident in the care that your doctor or dentist is giving your child is the look and feel of the dental office. The dental office atmosphere can automatically make a child feel comfortable and can just as easily make them feel terrified. This is certainly an unintentional side effect. After all, no one seeks to make a child uncomfortable in a dentist's office. However, if the office space is not designed with children in mind, then chances are that your child will not immediately take to the dentist and will be afraid of the dental treatment they receive. That's why working with the team at Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry can be so important for the well being and dental health of your children. They know what needs to be done to ensure that you child feels comfortable in the dental environment, and they take all the appropriate steps to make sure that this can happen. Here are a few of the things to look out for when you consider whether or not the environment of a pediatric dentist will be right for your child:

  • Welcoming furniture: Many doctor's offices look and feel very sterile, even in the waiting areas. There, of course, must be a degree of sterility for the sake of cleanliness, but there is a point at which that sterility can feel unwelcoming and can even feel scary to a child. that's why the best doctor's offices are the ones that know this and take the appropriate steps to mitigate this. Whether this is through furniture that is appropriately sized or through comfortable and homey furniture, this can set a child at ease right away.
  • Activities to engage them: Waiting rooms always have televisions and magazines for, but what do they have for children? Taking a quick assessment of the activities available for children as they wait can help you get a sense immediately of whether this is a place where your child will feel comfortable or not, as it indicates the degree to which the office has put an effort into making them feel so.
  • Kid-friendly information: While some information can certainly be over many children's heads, there is also a time and place for making the effort to communicate in a kid-friendly way. Have information available about dental health that can be used to show children what the instruments are that will be used can help assuage any fears they may have before the appointment.

Family dentistry is convenient for the whole family.

April 4, 2016

Growing up in the home of a dental hygienist was not always the easiest of paths.  It was not do you want this soda or that soda or please be careful about the amount of candy that you eat; as is the case in many other homes.  In our home, it was no soda and no candy and, "Oh look over there, go eat an apple."  That was the way of our home and for all intents and purposes, it was a great way to be raised.  It set boundaries and also put oral health on the forefront of the mind. In a similar sense, being able to go to a family dentist with your kids is a great way to ensure that you can talk with them about their oral health.

dental officeThe interaction means that they will be able to communicate with you, the parent, about any questions that they may have coming from the dentist's office.  Going their yourself also means that you will be able to have a resource that knows your kids and will be able to help you address any of the questions that come up.

That is why there is a true value to places in the community that can help the entire family, like Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry.  They are one of the oldest dental offices in Metro Denver and that means that they have a long history of working with families and ensuring that everyone gets a shot at great oral health.  With that in mind, many dentists are currently referring people to the dental offices and it is also a convenient place for people to visit.  If you think about taking your family there, there is a solid chance that you will have to schedule an appointment for the future because there is often a waiting list for the folks that are going to be going there.

One of the best things about the pediatric dentists is that they do a great job of explaining what is going on for your kids.  Southmoor does a great job of explaining this on their website when they say, "Your child deserves a welcoming and comfortable environment that will promote a positive attitude toward dentistry. We believe in building a relationship with your child and using the Tell-Show-Do method:

  • We explain in kid-friendly terms what we will be doing,
  • We show the basic instruments we use,
  • Then we proceed with the exam or procedure.

We believe with the proper environment, explanation, and relationship, children respond well to exams and treatment without distractions such as television or restraints such as papoose boards. As a parent, you are always welcome to be at your child’s side during exams and procedures."

It makes sense that they would share all of this information with you and the child, but it is not always the case at a lot of offices, so the fact that they make a point to spell out how they do their business is a great sign.  Give them a call or visit their website with any questions.

Pediatric dentists have an important role in the lives of children.

April 4, 2016

dental officeLike many other professions, the specialized fields within dentistry do require a bit more concentration and time in school.  The pay off is that these fields have the opportunity to have an outsized impact on people's lives.  This is not something that many other professionals can say and an opportunity for many to really improve the way people live.  One of the most critical professions is that of a pediatric dentist.

When you think about ways to improve your likelihood for success in the future, one of the most promising is through your own health.  One of the things that we know about development and health is that if you have health complications, it will limit your ability to have an impact in the future.  A tangible example of this is the fact that you may be spending more money and time on being healthy rather than professional activities.  This, as a result, means that if you are healthy, you will have fewer limitations on seeking money producing activities.  The principle applies not only in developing countries, but also in the developed world.

As a parent, one of the ways that you can help your kid be successful in the future, without having to invest an arm and a leg in medical treatments later on is by investing in their oral health.  By making sure that your kids are not consuming too many sugary drinks and they are eating vegetables regularly (the snapping of a carrot is actually good for teeth), you will be able to help ensure that they will have a high level of oral hygiene in their futures.  An example of this was recently seen in a human resource study.

In this survey of human resource professionals, it was found that people who have good teeth are often likelier to get a job they are applying for.  This is because the first thing that someone notices in an interview is often the other person's smile. If this is something that you think may be correct, then it may be time to increase the conversation you have with your kids about brushing their teeth.

For example, instead of asking them to brush their teeth when they go to bed, suggest it a different way.  How about, "Would you like to brush your teeth before or after your shower?" This is a way to help ensure that you will be able to maintain a high level of oral health with your kids.  Give it a try and see how it might help.  You can also take your kids to Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry. They will be able to work with your kids to ensure that they have a high level of oral health and that you as parents are part of their ability to make the decisions that will benefit them in the future.  It is a great way to ensure that you are doing your part to set your kids up for success.  Give the pediatric dentists a call today and see if they have open appointments.

The First Dentist Appointment

January 21, 2016

The first dentist appointment for a child can prove difficult and can be a little stressful for both the child and the parent. There are so many emotions that you can run through during the appointment. Most children do not want to sit still in the chair for the initial appointment to begin. At Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. they make the first appointment interesting and exciting for children. They understand that it can be a new and scary adventure for kids and want them to feel comfortable enough to let the appointment happen. Depending on the child, the first appointment may encompass different things. The dentists and dental hygienists at Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. know how to make each child feel special and comfortable in their dentist appointment. Some children may need to explore everything around them or some children may need everything explained to them. There are even some children who do not want to know what is going on and just want it to happen. Each child is different and should be treated as such. Every child is special and they want to feel like they are. The dentists and dental hygienists at Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. know how to help each child and to make them feel special.

Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. believes that there are certain aspects of an appointment that should be met for each child to feel comfortable with being there. Each dentist believes that kids do better with appointments when there are no distractions like television. They also believe that restraints are counterproductive. If there is a child who is not doing well with the appointment, then they believe they can help with the right environment and relationship. It is not just the children who can have concerns about the dentist appointment. Parents may also be a little worried about their children doing well. All parents can go back and sit with their children throughout the appointment. Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C.This can help calm nerves all around. Children tend to feel better when someone they know is sitting with them. And, parents will know that their children are doing alright. Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. wants everyone to feel comfortable at the child’s first dentist appointment and will do everything they can to achieve that.

While each appointment will be slightly different, the first appointment is the most critical to establishing trust between the child and the dentist. At the dental office, children will feel comfortable from the moment they step through the doors. They will not be scared to go see the dentist at Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. at their first appointment. If the child is comfortable from the very beginning then they will behave much better during the appointment and nothing will go too wrong. Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. wants every child to have a great first appointment and to feel comfortable during the appointment. If they can help each child have an enjoyable time, then the child will do much better at taking care of their teeth on their own.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

January 21, 2016

Oral hygiene is important for every person who has a mouth. Even if you do not have teeth, you still need to treat your mouth with care. Nobody likes to have problems with their mouth because it is very hard to treat or to relieve the pain. Also, Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C.nobody loves to go to the dentist when it is not for a cleaning. Good habits are important to learn early so that you do not have oral hygiene problems later in life. There are so many benefits of learning good oral hygiene habits early and keeping them throughout your entire life. One of the many benefits is having good breath. Nobody likes to be talking to someone and to smell what they had for lunch the previous day. Bad breath is a common problem that those with bad oral hygiene habits have to deal with. But, learning good habits early can help alleviate that problem. You will not have to hide your bad breath as often if you can keep on top of it from the beginning. Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. works hard to help children establish those habits early. They want children to understand just how important oral hygiene is and to take care of their teeth.

Learning good oral hygiene habits can sometimes be a process, especially if it was not a good habit to begin with. But, if you start early by taking your children to the dentist young, then you may not have to learn a good habit by breaking a bad habit. And, you will not have to nag your children every day to take care of their teeth. If they go to the pediatric dentist regularly, then they will want to take care of their teeth all on their own. You will not have to constantly remind them that good oral hygiene will help them in life. Your children will just know it by heart. Plus, your children will not have to deal with problems that may come up from having bad oral hygiene habits. There are so many benefits to having good oral hygiene habits and children who learn early will get to experience all of those benefits. They will grow up knowing just what they need to do to take care of their teeth.

dentist who cares about children and their teeth is the best person to take your children to at an early age to learn good oral hygiene habits. Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry, P.C. is the group of dentists that you need to go to. They truly care about the children that they see and want to see them succeed with making good oral hygiene habits. They know that if children learn and practice these habits regularly that they will keep these habits throughout their entire life. They will not have to deal with the cons of not taking care of your teeth. You children will never have to worry that they are making a bad impression because of the quality of their teeth. Your teeth say a lot about who you are as a person and your children will always make a great impression on others.

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